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Lovel is our first "short & thick" style toy, intended for those who do not want the typical length associated with girthier toys. They feature a blunt head with small creases under it, and a smooth shaft with subtle thick veins on each side.


Tiny lovel Information

Total length  4"
Useable length 3"
Head circumference  4"
Max shaft circumference  4.6"
Min shaft circumference  4"
Base price  $25


Small Lovel Information

Total length 5"
Useable length 4"
Head circumference  5.4"
Max shaft circumference  7"
Min shaft circumference  6.3"
Base price   $65


Medium Lovel Information

Total length 6"
Useable length 5"
Head circumference  6.4"
Max shaft circumference  8.5"
Min shaft circumference  7.5"
Base price   $95