Near Clear Care

Near Clear Toy Care/Notes

. Nail marks/intents are more obvious on near clear toys if they occur. Keeping toys on textured surfaces may cause intents or texture to appear on the toy. We recommend either storing near clear toys on a smooth shelf or in a cloth bag away from edges/juts/anything hard that may cause indents in the toy.

. Small bubbles on the bottom of near clear toy's bases are common. These aren't not considered flops and do not impact cleaning.

. Near clear toys, most notably in 00-31 firmness, have a tendency to firm up after extended boiling. A 00-31 toy may go from feeling like soft firmness to medium+ firmness. Unless this is something you intentionally want to do, we don't recommend boiling near clear toys for longer than 5 minutes.

. Boiling near clear toys/exposing them to heat can cause discoloration (yellowing). While this doesn't impact safety at all, for some people it may be cosmetically undesirable. If this is a concern for you, we do not recommend boiling your near clear toys at all. Thoroughly washing with mild soap and water is enough to keep toys in good condition for years.

. Exposure of your toy to colored lubes, bodily fluids, or anything else that has a tendency to stain (ex- turmeric, makeup) may permanently cause discoloration over time or immediately. Under normal use (ie - exposure to bodily fluids) it will typically take awhile for toys to discolor.

. We list our near clear toys in the firmess they feel like, not what firmness they were poured from.

. Near clear toys are specifically labeled in the title of the toy with "NC".