How do I get one of your toys?

Our shop functions off of a "drop" model, where we perodically upload premade toys at a scheduled time (which is announced on Twitter)! We do not do customs often, so drops are the best way to get a toy.

Keep in mind popular models/pours may not stay in stock long, sometimes lasting less than a few seconds before being purchased! The best way to get popular models/pours is to be online at drop time and sign up for ShopPay prior to the drop. This will allow you to check out with roughly two clicks.

What are your toys made of?

Our toys are made out of platinum cure silicone, cosmetic grade mica, silicone pigments, and occasionally other safe additives (glow pigments/silicone thinner/slo-jo/etc), with the majority being from the same provider as our silicone. The brand we use is Smooth-On, the same as many of our fellow makers! Platinum cure silicone is body-safe and will not leech chemicals/harbor bacteria like a lot of other commonly used sex toy materials.

Do you have the safety information on your products?

Of course! See the below links for the safety data sheets on all the products I use to make my toys/prosthetics. 

Super soft 00-20 silicone: Data sheet :: Skin-safe certification

Soft near clear 00-31 silicone: Data sheet :: Skin-safe certifcation

Soft 00-30 silicone: Data sheet :: Skin-safe certification

Medium near clear 00-45 silicone: Data sheet :: Skin-safe certifcation

Medium 00-50 silicone: Data sheet :: Skin-safe certification

Firm 10A silicone: Data sheet :: Skin-safe certification

Extra firm 20A silicone: Data sheet :: Skin-safe certifcation

Extremely firm 30A silicone: Data sheet :: Skin-safe certification

Silicone pigment (electric colors): Multiple, scroll down to bottom of page

Slicone pigment: Data sheet

Mold release: Data sheet

Thi-vex: Data sheet

Slo-jo: Data sheet

Silicone thinner: Data sheet

Mica provider links: Just Pigments & Eye Candy Pigments

Why do some of your toys look "painted"?

Rest assured, our toys are 100% platinum cure silicone, even the ones that look "painted"! The painting on our toys is the same silicone as the rest of the toy, just a thicker version that allows us to create designs in the toy mold with it.

What firmnesses do you offer?

We offer a very diverse range of firmnesses for our toys, from "gummy soft" to "very firm"! We use the shore hardness scale provided by Smooth-On (our silcone supplier) to measure the firmness of our toys. For current firmnesses we offer, please see below!

Shore 00-15 = Gummy

(Feels much like it's name, a soft, very pliable, gummy! Depending on the model toys may not be able to stand upright unaided in this firmness, may feel a bit tacky, and require more care due to how soft this silicone is. Avoid abrasives that may dammage the finish as well as stretching beyond it's limits.)

Shore 00-20 = Super soft

(Very pliable, soft silicone. Feels similar to a gummy, though ever so slightly firmer than our "gummy" firmness. Toys may also have a hard time standing unaided in this firmness depending on model, and more care must be taken to keep abrasives away from these toys)

Shore 00-30 = Soft

(Decently pliable with a slight give, this firmness feels close to an unflexed muscle, sometimes slightly softer depending on the person. Though more durable than gummy and super soft, some care must still be taken to keep away from abrasives.)

Shore 00-40 = Soft-medium

(A middle ground between soft and medium, feels like a semi-flexed muscle. This firmness still has a reasonable amount of give, though not quite as much as soft.)

Shore 00-50 = Medium

(One of the "standard" firmnesses that a lot of larger companies cast their toys in, this firmness feels like a flexed mucle. Though it still has some pliability when squished, it is relatively unyielding.)

Shore A10 = Firm

(The other "standard" firmness used by larger companies, this firmness has very minimal give, and feels similar to a ball of rubber bands.)

What are your toy's finishes like?

Our toys have either a gentle "satin" finish, or a glossy finish!

What is Near Clear?

Near clear refers to a line of very translucent platinum cure silicones! These silicones allow for beautifully vibrant toys that have more depth to them, at the cost of being harder to work with overall, and a bit more care required on the customer's part. See here for a care guide on near clear!

We offer Near Clear toys in varying firmnesses, such as gummy, super soft, soft, and soft-medium!

What sizes do you offer?

For insertables, we plan to have mini, small, medium, large, and extra large available. For penetrables we hope to offer two smaller "mini" sizes, and two larger sizes with different tightnesses. Due to time restraints we have to add sizes gradually, but they are all slowly getting additions.

See individual model pages for what sizes each model currently come in!

What size should I get my toy in?

For insertables, if you are new to toys, it's generally best to go on the smaller side first! Most of our "smalls" are good starting places, except with longer or thicker models (in which case a mini would be best). If you believe you are particularly sensitive to size, it's always safest to start with a mini and work up! 

For penetrables, take into consideration the texture, dimentions, and firmness when selecting a size. Our tiny, mini, and small penetrables are not typically intended for those with larger penises, but those who have a clitorus, bottom growth from testosterone, or much smaller than average penis. Keep in mind tiny pentrables may not work for those who have bottom growth (depending on size). Those who have a roughly average sized penis will likely want to look at medium, large, or XL penetrables!

Who can use smaller penetrables and how?

Anyone is welcome to purchase our smaller pentrables! Though they are often targeted at our trans friends, we don't have an issue with anyone trying out tiny/mini/small penatrable sizes.

As far as using them goes, that will vary a lot with the user's anatomy and preferences! Some may prefer to plug the back of pentrables with a finger (or attach a clit/bottom growth pump to the back) to achieve suction, and some may not like suction at all. If you believe suction may be too intense for you, we heavily reccomend looking at a pentrable that has an open back. Since clits and bottom growth don't get as hard as the average penis, it's best to look at sizing that will easily fit over the user's anatomy. Otherwise, it may be hard to get the user's anatomy into the penatrable/it may end up uncomfortably tight with suction.

As always, be sure to use at least a small amount of water-based lube with your penetrables! This will help the user's anatomy go in a lot easier, and prevent wear and tear on the penetrable.

What are the letters following the titles of your toys?

You may have noticed that a lot of our toys have letters at the end of their titles; these are to indicate a feature that toy has! See below for a guide to what these mean -

HP = Toy features hand painting

CS = Toy has at least one color-shift color

UV = Toy has at least one UV reactive color

IN = Toy has inclusions

GITD = Toy has at least one glow-in-the-dark color

How fast do inventory toys ship?

Typically within 2-3 business days, but we occassionally drop them off the same or next day! Though please give us up to 2 weeks to ship inventory, this is just the average.

Where do you ship to?

Right now we ship to the USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom!

We hope to expand this as we progressivly look into doing business with more countries.

Do you cover customs fees for international orders?

Customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer, and vary depending on your country. Be sure to check your local fees before placing an order if you're outside the USA!

Is your shipping discreet?

Absolutely! We understand not everyone is comfortable with others knowing they bought toys, so we ship all products in plain brown boxes, flat rate USPS boxes, or regular priority boxes, with no branding or indication that there’s a toy inside on the box. Sender is listed as "TPC" on the shipping label. For international shipments, we list our toys as being "silicone sculptures" on customs forms.

Will you combine multiple orders into one?

If the are placed under the same account and going to the same address we automatically combine them! Excess shipping is then refuned on the order. If they are placed under different accounts, both accounts email need to email us to confirm the order combination! Please email us within an hour of the first purchase if this is the case.

Can you do address changes?

We can! Be sure to message us at least an hour after you purchase with any edits needed. Be aware that there may be additional shipping costs you need to cover, especially if you are changing a package from domestic to international.

What do you do with flawed toys?

Severely flawed toys stay with us, but minor issues, such as bubbles/nicks/scuffs/poor base trims/etc, may be offered at a discounted price. How discounted they are varies based on the severity of the flaw, but it is typically around $5-30 off base price.

What does your quality control process look like?

Our toys get looked over multiple times before being listed for sale! Once right out of the mold, once after their intital wash, once while they're being photograhed, once after the second wash, and once while we're packing up orders! Despite this, flaws may still get past us on rare occasion. If you believe your toy may have a covered flaw, please keep it in it's bag and email us so we may look into it!

Who designs your models?

A lot of our models were designed in-house, but we might occassionally pick up models from small creators! See list below for each model -

Naiad - Sionidae (Twitter :: Website)

Gabriel - Pretty_Pours (Twitter)

Unnamed Slug - Ultraohwormhole (Twitter :: Website)

Amare - In-house

Bay - In-house

Lovel - In-house

Mara - In-house

Marrow - In-house

Pip - In-house

All life-cast squishies - In-house

Customs and Comissions

Can you design a fully custom toy for me?

Yes, under certain circumstances! We are not officially open for commissions, but we would consider taking on a fully custom toy request (model design up to the finished silicone product). Expect quotes for these to not be less than several hundred dollars, and push up into several thousand for particularly labor intensive things (ex - inflatable toys, XL+ sizing). Contact us at to discuss possible commissions!

Can you make me a custom toy of an existing model?

We very rarely take on customs of our current models! We don't have plans to open for full customs anytime soon, and semi-customs open very rarely.

With "surprise me" customs, will I receive a single colored toy?

With surprise me toys you are getting at minimum 2 colors in your toy. We do not pour single color toys, except at customer request!

What colors are available for customs?

All of our colors are hand mixed each time we pour, so we do not have any "default" colors for customs! We do our best to match the colors provided by our customers, though some variation is normal and expected since we have to eyeball colors and screens may show different colors depending on brightness/filters added. To get the most accurate colors for your customs, we disable any blue light filters and put our screen brightness all the way up when matching colors.


Can I tag your shop in NSFW content?

Yes! Though we won’t retweet it/like it/comment (to avoid it appearing on our follower's feed) on our main Twitter account, we will retweet it on a designated explicit Twitter account as soon as we get that up and running. Our main Twitter account is only for not in use toy photos/updates/new product announcements/etc.

How many people work for you?

Right now it is just me who handles the bulk of the responsibilities, but occasionally a few goblins give me a hand!

Can you provide wholesale or work with drop-shippers?

We do not provide wholesale for other shops, nor allow drop-shipping of our products. Any attempts at posting our products on other platforms will result in a ban from purchasing from us, and any unauthorized replications of our products being taken down.

Can I resell toys?

Of course! While we do not allow other stores to bulk buy our products to resell, individual customers are more than welcome (and encouraged) to resell their toys if they so desire. If you no longer want your toy for reasons warranty doesn't cover, you are encouraged to keep your toy in the bag unopened to retain it's resell value. Toys can be resold on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, and we will typically retweet resell posts if you tag us!

Can I review your toys in exchange for a free toy?

We are currently not offering free toys in exchange for reviews!

Can you teach me how to make my own toys/start a shop?

On the legal side, no! As for the production of toys, we can answer quick questions or trouble shoot with other shops. We unfortunately don't have the time to walk people through the entire process, however. But, making an introduction to toy making is on our to-do list!

Are you willing to do trades with other shops?

Typically yes, depending on how busy I am! Dosen't hurt to ask; I love seeing other maker's work in person!