Store Policies


  Because of the nature of the products we produce, returns on opened toys are generally not accepted. Please be sure to thoroughly look over your toy in good lighting (ideally with a flashlight), checking for any major flaws that were not included in the listing.

  Major flaws include - chunks of the toy missing, large/small undisclosed air bubbles on the surface (with the exception of bubbles on the base of near clear toys, which is common with the material), undisclosed embedded matter/fuzz in toys, and any other faults that may render the toy unusable or cause major issues with cleaning. 

  If you find a major flaw in your toy that was not disclosed in the original listing (or you received the wrong toy), do not open the toy, and email us at with clear pictures of the flaw, proof the plastic packaging is unopened, and your order number. You will then be provided with a replacement or full refund. In some cases we may require the toy to be sent back to us, if so we will provide you with a paid shipping label to send the toy back with. Unopened returned toys are not sold back to the public, and are kept away from all current stock items. We do not sell toys that have ever left our hands out of an abundance of caution.

  All returned toys are required to be sent back with their original packaging intact, and with all the contents of the original package included (with the exception of other goods you ordered). If the box was severely damaged in transit and a new box will be required for a return, please send pictures of the damaged box to us along with any other pictures needed of the toy.

  Very small cosmetic flaws can happen on toys that may get past our quality control checks, these flaws are not cause for return or refund. We will do our best to include even the slightest flaws on our listing, however. Small cosmetic flaws include - tiny "tags" of silicone on the toy, marks from the original 3D model, and a few small pigment freckles.

  Because silicone grabs on to anything floating around it, your toy may have the rare bit of dust or fluff on it when it arrives at your home. Rest assured we do wash our toys with a mild soap and water before they go out, but fluff from towels may sneak past the last quality check. Fluff on toys is not cause for return.

  Returns are not accepted on merchandise such as squishies, patches, stickers, etc. If what you received is intended to be a sex toy or prosthetic, ex- dildos, strokers, eggs, packers, the return policy applies to it.


Cancellations and Combining Orders

  We do not accept cancellations for any reason as of right now! However, we will combine orders automatically if they are going to the same address and purchased under the same account. Excess shipping will be refunded on the order.


  All items are shipped discreetly in plain brown, USPS flat rate boxes, or priority boxes, with the return name being "TPC". There will be no indication that the item on the inside is a toy!

  We currently ship to the United States using USPS priority mail, and elsewhere using USPS priority international.

  We try our best to get toys out within a week of ordering, but please allow up to two weeks for your toy to ship before contacting us. Custom toys will take longer to ship than premade toys, though we try not to take more than four weeks to ship for customs.

  Once your order is out of our hands, it is best to contact the carrier if you have any issues in the shipping process. We are not responsible for slower shipping times, and we do not have any more information on your package than the tracking you have. If your order fails to arrive within 1 month of being in transit, contact us with your order number and we will do our best to find out what happened with your package.

  In the very rare case of a completely lost package, contact us at so we can replace your order.


  You must be 18+ to purchase from us, even if you are just ordering squishies, patches, other merch, or any other products that are not sex toys or otherwise explicit.

  We create our toys from 3D printed models, and though we do our best at smoothing and prepping our models, there may occasionally be marks from the 3D models on our toys. 

  Please keep in mind we do have pets/dogs in the home. Though we do our best to separate our work from them, if you have severe allergies you are discouraged from purchasing our toys.



  Once out of our hands and into yours, we are not responsible for any damage caused under your care (pets getting ahold of toys and destroying them, misuse that causes tears or slices, nail marks from gripping the toy, purposeful destruction of the toy, improper storage that leads to lower quality toys melting with ours, penetrables getting wear and tear due to use, damage due to incorrect lubes, etc).

  Our toys come with a warranty against delamination (colors/layers of silicone splitting from each other) for one year after the time of purchase. If your toy has this issue within the time of warranty, please contact us through our email and we will replace your toy at no charge to you! We reserve the right to turn down warranty requests that appear to have been purposefully caused by the buyer, and are not a manufacturing error.

  While we at The Prince's Court have put a lot of thought into our care guides and toys, we assume no responsibility for personal loss, injury, or damage to products, except what is covered by warranty.