The King

Available Inventory

The King is our most multipurpose model, being an insertable, grinder, penetrable, and in smaller sizes, a packer! If you wish to use him as a packer, we heavily recommend getting him in either tiny or small, and in soft or super soft firmness! In form fitting underwear, the shaft easily tucks down for packing purposes. The penetrable portion is a bit less textured than Mara, being gently ribbed on the smaller sizes, and gaining some more noticeable bumps in the larger versions.


Tiny King Information

Total length  3.5"
Useable length 2.6"
Head circumference  3"
Max shaft circumference  3"
Min shaft circumference  2.5"
Penetrable depth 1"
Penetrable diamater 0.5"
Longest base length 4.3"
Longest base width 2"
Base price  $50


Medium King Information

Total length  6.5"
Useable length 4.4"
Head circumference  5"
Max shaft circumference  6.5"
Min shaft circumference  4.5"
Penetrable depth 1.5"
Penetrable diamater 0.7"
Longest base length 7"
Longest base width 3"
Base price  $130