Toy Care

Insertable and Penetrable Toy Care

  Before and after each use, insertable and penetrable toys should be thoroughly cleaned with a high quality toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Ensure they are dry and store in a safe place away from other toys (especially those not made of platinum cure silicone, which may melt into our toys). Store them up and away from where dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and other animals could possibly get into them and chew them up.

  For a deep clean boil your toy for a few minutes. Though scary at first, platinum cure silicone toys can handle higher temperatures! Be sure not to use silicone lube with your toy, and instead look for a fragrance free, flavoring free, water based lube with minimal ingredients. Silicone lubes can cause damage to the toy, and flavored/scented/"heated" lubes may cause infections/irrtation/burning in those with vaginas. Lack of lube may cause friction issues and make the toy painful to use for some people (especially for anal use).

  Penetrables must have special care taken to not cause tearing, due to their firmness and intended use. Inserting disproportionally larger objects or body parts (ex - larger toys, fist) may cause early tearing in the toy.


Packer Care

  Similarly to our insertables and penetrables, our packers can be boiled, washed with toy cleaner, and with a mild soap and water. We do not recommend using our super soft packers for any sort of penetration due to increased risk in tearing, but soft packers may be gently used as an insertable/pack and play. This may shorten the life of your packer slightly, however. The models are tucked down a bit and pulling the shaft up higher can put strain on it, causing tearing under the shaft over time. If you use lube on your packer please chose a water based lube!

  We highly recommend using some sort of packing pouch with our packers to keep them off your body. Though our silicone is body safe, it is not breathable! Up against the skin they can cause sweating, that over extended periods of time may irritate the user. Wash and thoroughly dry before wearing the packer, and wash when you’re done wearing it, storing it in a safe dry place.